The Dead Flowers (January 24, 2020)

AL (Nov 17, 2017)

Featuring the hit single What’s Your Name, AL is The Dead Flowers’ most recent release.  The album reminds me of spring because you can hear the flowers coming into bloom.  Cleaner than ever, tighter than ever.  This EP will surely serve as the catalyst into their apparent rockstardom.

What’s Your Name  (Oct 27, 2017)

Not to be confused with Lynyrd Skynard, What’s Your Name is the first and only single to be released off of AL.  The instant classic hit it big with fans and may even make an appearance in a motion picture.

Roses in the Road (Dec 27, 2016)

Roses in the Road or as the die-hards say, ‘Roses‘ has been the live favorite long before it’s December 2016 release.  In fact, the band decided to record this out of the blue because a few flower pots were giving them a hard time about it.  Everywhere they went, super-fans kept putting actual roses in the roads around their house until they released this recording.

Mountain House Blues (Jan 30, 2016)

In Mountain House Blues the groups struggles with the paradox of being original musicians and victims of the contemporary style.  Exploring many themes including solipsism, empiricism, and sodomy, this album will leave you psychologically altered.  This album also sports Caleb’s favorite song ‘Mountain House Blues (pt I & II)’.  Caleb says, ‘this song kinda sounds like The White Stripes and I like The White Stripes.’

The Dead Flowers EP (May 25, 2015)

In this EP, you get to hear flowers in their rawest, most emotionally vulnerable form.  Untainted by the will of society and fans (because they just started and didn’t have any yet), hear the flowers before they died.  As one critic put it, ‘all I have to say is Holly Mae’.

Live Tracks

Live​@​5 on Radio 104​.​5_2​/​10​/​17 (Feb 22, 2017)

Listen to The Dead Flowers play on the radio and more importantly, record their amazing Pearl Jam cover